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Circular economy

We produce our kiwis in a natural and environmentally friendly way, implementing a circular economy model that minimizes environmental impact, consumption and waste into new raw material, for composting and fertilizing fruit trees, maintaining the nitrogen balance at all times.

No chemicals or emissions

We use biological control techniques and active materials environmentally respectful. Our vertical farming model produces kiwifruit with zero carbon emissions to satisfy local and regional market demand at first.

Renewable energies

We are committed to renewable and alternative energies as an essential element to produce kiwis with a low carbon footprint. Our plantations have photovoltaic installations and wind turbines with a low visual impact.

Energy efficiency

The installation on the plantation, the irrigation system, the fertilizer and the environmental conditions are fully. monitores and directed through computer programs and domotic systems that check and manage the temperature, relative humidity, rainfall and air speed, which translates into maximum efficiency with a minimum consumption of water and energy resources.

Integration into the environment

The vine training system that we use in our facilities is characterized by being resistant and perfectly integrated into the environment, offers little wind resistance and enhances the ventilation of the plantation, thus facilitating the well-being of the plants at a maximum level.

Quality certifications

Our farms have prestigious integrated-production certifications, such a GLOBAL G.A.P and IFS.

Tracking through Advanced Technology Applications



Quality and taste

We use plants that come from in vitro reproduction to guarantee the genetics of the producing mothers, and, therefore, the quality and final flavor of the fruits.

More attractive and tasty

We incorporate in our plantations the most updated and cutting-edge technologies of monitoring, irrigation and machinery, which allow us, in addition to excellent management in the field, to obtain more attractive and tasty fruits.

Zero chemical residue

We produce fruits with zero chemical residue, pesticides or other materials.

Natural fertilizers

We use low impact natural and organic fertilizers, without chemical residue in the environment.

Biodiversity Standards

We accomplish with the very high biodiversity standards.

Native wild plants

We plant seeds of native wild plants on the margins of the plantation, so we promote a habitat that fosters insect biodiversity. Through this biodiversity we improve, at the same time, the nutritional capacity of the fruit, also providing greater flavor and aroma.

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