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Our kiwis

Kiwiastur is synonymous with autochthonous kiwis, highly prestigious on the market for their supreme quality, intense flavor and aroma, firm texture and optimum Brix sugar content for consumption. Exquisite, delicious, worthy of the most demanding palates, with exceptional organoleptic qualities, very healthy and wholesome.

Kiwis from the heart of Asturias, produced with minimal environmental impact, boosting the local economy while guaranteeing the biodiversity of the environment through biological pest control techniques and the use of active ingredients that respect the natural ecosystem.

Kiwi Kiwiastur

The Kiwiastur Kiwi is an autochthonous fruit from the heart of Asturias, where the characteristics of the soil and climate give it unmistakable properties that have earned it great prestige in the national market,

It is a very high-quality kiwi, with a lot of flavor and aroma, a compact texture but soft enough to eat with a spoon and the optimum Brix degree of sugar for consumption.

Kiwiastur Selección

Kiwiastur Selección is the highest quality standard for our products: it is striking for its appearance, its shape and its proportions, with a caliber between 18 and 25.

It shares the organoleptic and nutritional properties of Kiwiastur kiwis, but it is carefully chosen one by one by hand, looking for the highest qualities both in size and shape. Kiwiastur, pero está escogido cuidadosamente uno a uno a manos, buscando las más altas cualidades tanto por su tamaño como por su forma.

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