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Our kiwis from the heart of Asturias are recognized and stand out for their appearance, their characteristic flavor and quality.

The characteristics of the soil in which our plantations are located, with ideal conditions of climate and orography, give the kiwi, a characteristic texture and flavor, in addition to the optimal degree of sugar consumption.

Sus cualidades organolépticas excepcionales responden al cumplimiento de unos parámetros de calidad con los que buscamos la mayor homogeneidad de nuestros productos:

  • Harvest with a minimum of 7º Brix
  • Trading with a minimum of 13º Brix
  • Minimum harvest 16% D.M.
  • Calibre Kiwiastur 18-46.
  • Calibre Kiwiastur Selección 18-25
  • Good firmness and post-harvest hardness
  • Columella or soft inner marrow when it reaches the final consumer
  • Low incidence of rotting

All Kiwiastur products are free of microorganisms and contaminants, complying with all hygiene and food safety standards.

Each of the phases of the production and distribution system is subject to external audits that control and ensure that our kiwis are free of any biological, physical or chemical agent that could have harmful effect on health.

The VeriSeg Safe Food quality seal guarantees compliance with the strictest safety standards.

To distribute Kiwiastur in your establishment, contact us:

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Proyecto financiado por la Unión Europea / Gobierno de España / Principado de Asturias